Friday, May 30, 2014

Tune in Saturday 7pm - 9pm! Hip-Hop Today @ !

Tune @ 7pm gmt/ 2pm est  into another installment of Hip Hop Today Red Cup Radio with Tha Homie Chuck Jones & Hip Hop's Only Wizard D.D. Turner & special guest co-host from the UK writer/journalist Micky Roots.

In the first hour TRUF" A CARSON  will stop to talk about hip hop in Cali and being a independent artist!

In the 2nd hour "Bump it or Dump it," where you the listeners decide whether the track is Smoke Worthy Music.  

Afro-Punk Battle Of The Band  Nominee The Others

The Others are a young hip-hop collective fresh out of Brooklyn made up of Unknown other, Anonymous-other, Dirty Bones, Tazz other and Forgotten.

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